Elementary Career Awareness Zone

How do we promote career awareness, but still manage to make this aspect of learning fun and engaging for all students? Elementary Guidance Counselors partner with teachers to help provide students activities that develop skills too encourage success in future careers and educational experiences. At the K-2 level, students will be exposed to various, early career development skills and activities through our Social Studies curriculum. In grades 3-5, students will focus on career awareness and development through various career awareness/ exploration projects and activities that focus on identifying interests and how they relate to careers (i.e. technology-integrated interest inventory and career survey). Through identifying interests and careers, students can then begin to gain exposure about the many post-secondary options and plan for those options as they begin their journey through middle and high school.

Below is a link to a computer program that can help students identify interests and make a connection to the world of work.  Check it out!


Other Career Awareness and Preparation resources: