Keep Calm! A School Counselor Can Help!

A Summer of Learning!
Summer is right around the corner and with it, a lot of free time for your child.  While they enjoy their break from school, keep their mind sharp with these ideas.
See what's out there.  Look for information about summer programs (visit our Community Resources web page) in newspapers, county or city recreation catalogs or on the internet.  Your child may want to enroll in an art camp or science or computer camp, for example.  They could also attend nature programs at local parks or go on a trip with your church or religious organization.
Explore an interest.  Suggest that your child use their summer break to try something they didn't have time for during the school year.  perhaps they wanted to make a music video or design a Web page.  Take them to the library so that they can check out books or search the internet for information.  Encourage them to share their finished project with the whole family.
Learn Every Day.  Find ways for your child's to keep skills sharp.  Practice writing, for example in an email to a favorite author or send a letter to an editor.  A family debate is a fun way to improve public speaking, or suggest your student practice math by creating a budget or estimating how long a car trip should take.